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"NotesCmdr is an amazing add-on for Apple Notes that gives me far greater power. Markdown formatting, templates, and math capabilities are capabilities Apple should have built. I use it every day."

- Brad Nickel, Kilroy


Slash commands

With NotesCmdr, pressing / in Apples Notes will bring up a menu of shortcuts you can select.

  • /h1 creates a title
  • /h2 creates a header
  • /h3 creates a subheading
  • /text or /plain starts body text
  • /bold starts bold text
  • /code or /mono starts a monostyled block
  • /bullet starts a bulleted list
  • /dash adds a dashed list
  • /num starts a numbered list
  • /quote inserts a quote
  • /todo or /checklist creates a checklist
  • /table creates a table
  • /link creates a link
  • /date or /today adds the current date

You can use Return or Tab to autocomplete a command.

Templates beta

See blog post about templates

Create a folder called Templates in Apple Notes and put your pre-defined templates there. Then, use the /template command to insert a template your current note.

Keywords /date and /today will be replaced with the current date when inserting a template.

"I love NotesCmdr and I use it regularly since I bought it! Especially the capability to reuse pre-defined templates is for my workflows extremely cool." - Alexander K.

Note: Templates are in beta and don't support checklists, monostyled blocks, tags or images yet.


Type /calc after a math expression in Apple Notes to calculate the result. Convenient for technical notes, budgets, shopping lists etc.

Markdown style

At the beginning of any new line in Apple Notes, try these:

  • # followed by space creates a title
  • ## followed by space creates a header
  • ### followed by space creates a subheader
  • ``` creates a monostyled block
  • [] creates a checklist


  • * followed by space creates a bulleted list
  • - followed by space creates a dashed list
  • 1. followed by space creates a numbered list
NotesCmdr command menu
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